"2018 NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Salon Stylist of The Year & Hotshots Fashionista"

Selina Chhaur

Senior Stylist & Session Stylist Queen


Being in the salon is a place where I can escape from the outside world and let my creative flair shine. As a stylist, it’s not just about executing what my client’s wants and needs are, it’s about how I make them feel throughout the service and upon leaving the salon. This begins from the moment I walk through those doors every morning, as my energy reflects my day, performance and how I make my clients feel. This energy is contagious and clients can sense it as soon as they walk in the door. A great day starts off with upbeat music, coffee machine perking and a positive attitude. The goal is for my clients to walk in, immediately feeling comfortable and at ease, as if they'd just walked into their second home. This atmosphere will make the consultation process more professional and comfortable. Building a genuine connection  with my clients is a high priority of mine. I believe my service and attentiveness is one of my points of differences as a stylist.

Everyone goes to a salon wanting to look and feel good about themselves, everyone has a story, everyone deserves to get pampered, feel transformed and empowered externally and internally. To see that sparkle in my clients eyes when I reveal my work that we’ve both constructed together and that bounce in their strut as they walk out the door is what I live for. I want my clients to walk out there with pride and confidence as this is my signature, branding, marketing and what I stand for. When my clients put their trust in me and my work, they are more likely to look after their hair with the best products that I’ve recommended, retaining their hair condition and keeping their loyalty. Education is key! I educate all my clients on maintenance, products, styling knowledge and  follow up appointments. Keeping my clients engaged with every service and keeping them excited for their next appointment is essential. In this day and age, this doesn’t stop at the end of our client’s service, it continues outside through social media. I regularly post work I’ve done within the salon and showcase any photoshoots or fashion parades I’ve been involved in. 

As well as ensuring clients are comfortable within the salon, I believe it’s vital to assist my colleagues. A harmonious day that runs on time involves a lot of team work. I love to work in a clean, organised environment and keep my work place spotless at all times. Being a part of a team means I can learn, teach and evolve with like-minded, passionate people.

I believe I am the best salon stylist because I work hard and always strive to learn, teach and help my workmates whenever I can.  I am not only passionate about the craft of hair but about how I can impact my client’s lives in positive way.



NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Senior Stylist of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Best Salon Team of The Year


NATIONAL FINALIST for Hotshots Fashionista


NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Senior Stylist of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for Hotshots Fashionista


SELECTION to Redken Styling Team

HAIR DIRECTOR of Rundle Mall AW 16/17 Fashion Parades

BACKSTAGE WORK at Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

ELEGANT MAGAZINE - 7 Page Editorial Spread - Issue No.7


SELECTION to Redken Styling Team

BACKSTAGE WORK at Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

BACKSTAGE WORK at Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival

TEO MAGAZINE - 9 Page Editorial Spread - Issue No.9



TEMPO MAGAZINE - Front Cover Page

INSTAGRAM - @hairbyselinachhaur