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Paula Kent co-founded Redken Laboratories in 1960. As a young actress in the late 1950s, when hair was highly bleached and teased, Paula was challenged with baby fine hair and sensitive skin. On set in Hollywood, she constantly experienced allergic reactions to the products used by hairdressers and makeup artists. She visited dermatologists and hairdressers to find a solution, but no one could explain to her the science behind the products.

In a moment of inspiration, Paula realized that she could help millions of other people who needed gentle, high-performance products – and that professional hairdressers needed to know the chemistry of hair and skin, product ingredients and their relationship to beautiful, healthy hair.

Using $3,000 she earned from appearing in a beer commercial, Paula Kent and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding (forming the name "REDKEN") started Redken with three products and an intensive education program for hairdressers. The formulas were developed based on three principles:

  • Protein technology (since hair is composed primarily of protein)
  • An acidic pH of 4.5-5.5, complementing the natural pH of the hair and skin
  •  Products recommended exclusively by licensed cosmetologists in professional salons

With this, Paula Kent revolutionized the professional haircare industry for both stylists and clients. Her pioneering spirit is cherished and she leaves behind a legacy that sustains the brand today.


1960s: Beauty through Science attracts a cult following

  • American actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser Jheri Redding start Redken with $3000 and three products
  • Founded on the science of protein and moisture, Amino Pon and PPT gain a cult following
  • Visionary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon partners with Redken and tours the country on their behalf 


  • Redken pioneers education in the industry by focusing on science and business
  • Redken hosts 500 salon professionals in 1974 – the first Redken “Symposium”


  • Shades EQ Equalizing Color Gloss, one of the biggest breakthroughs in haircolor, is introduced in 1983
  • Extreme haircare products combine protein with moisture to strengthen distressed hair
  • Redken launches in 13 countries around the world

1990s: WE add “5th avenue NYC” to OUR name

  • In 1993, Redken is sold to beauty industry leader L’Oreal
  • After a devastating earthquake, Redken moves from California to L’Oreal headquarters on 5th Avenue in NYC
  • Redken establishes itself as a fashion brand at the forefront of trends
  • The Redken Exchange, the industry’s leading resource for learning, opens its doors in 1996

2000s: WE become the runway authority

  • Redken partners with world-renowned hairstylist Guido
  • Redken becomes a leader in backstage beauty, sending a team of artists to fashion week in New York, Milan, Paris and London

2010s: the innovation, fashion & inspiration continue

  • Product innovations such as CHROMATICS, Curvaceous, Diamond Oil, Blonde Idol, and Redken Styling’s Pillow Proof Blow Dry and Flex collections help you showcase your talents and grow your business

2014: NEW WAYS TO connect and communicate

  • New experience-led visuals including must-watch videos, inspiring images and tips engage and connect with clients in the way they want to interact – online and on-the-go
  • A range of muses and influencers share their inspiration and stories with stylists and consumers through social media outlets and our website
  • New services opportunities and merchandising to animate salons and increase business

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From the moment the haircolouring process begins to when a colourist puts the final finishing touches on a style, Pureology is there to provide colour-treated hair with complete care:


A first in the industry, this professional-only, three-step system magnifies shine, strength and vibrancy during the haircolour process. It's an essential part of every client's salon haircolour experience, and can be used with any salon haircolour brand. Learn More


The cornerstone of Pureology, and the reason we're adored by colourists and clients around the world. Each of our regimens offers serious colour care and tailored benefits, so you no longer have to choose between the results you want and the colour care you deserve. Learn More


Because caring for colour-treated hair doesn't stop when styling begins. Our complete range of stylers is formulated to address the specific needs of colour-treated hair, helping to boost shine, prevent colour fade, and enhance haircolour's beauty.
Learn More



From the beginning, we understood that every colour-treated client has different needs, and that truly passionate colourists are committed to meeting each and every one of those needs:

  • Our Dual Benefit Formulas provide custom care for every hair type, from volume to strength to softness and more.
  • Our highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® shampoos – which deliver up to 70 shampoos per bottle – are formulated without common surfactants that can strip colour. In their place, we've used naturally derived coconut, corn and sugar to gently cleanse while maximizing colour retention.
  • The exclusive AntiFadeComplex® includes essential antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to help colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy. In fact, 86% of clients agree Pureology helps maximize colour retention.*
  • Our 100% Vegan Formulas made with Plant Extracts bring together nature and indulgence. Rich lathers, decadent textures and our signature client-favorite fragrances offer the ultimate in everyday luxury.




  • Decreased water use in formulations by 80% for shampoo and 34% for conditioner*
  • Highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® shampoos use less water yet still offer a luxurious, custom-care experience.


  • Decreased water use in packaging by 39% for shampoo and 37% for conditioner
  • Reduced amount of water needed per batch of products by 58%
  • New shampoo and conditioner bottles are manufactured using minimal water at every step* and use the latest recycled plastics to preserve our precious formulas.


The Pureology Water Saver Salon digital tool allows salons to estimate their current water usage and identify ways to conserve water. Pureology is truly entering the digital revolution with this web tool that is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Click here to learn more about this program.

  • Guide salon owners and stylists through various daily activities where water is used.
  • Ask simple questions, and evaluates water usage based on data estimates.
  • Give users the opportunity to make commitments within their salons to reduce the amount of water they are currently using.


  • Long Lasting Hair Colour or Your Money Back
    We unconditionally stand by our products so we offer consumers a money-back guarantee.
  • AntiFadeComplex®
    Our exclusive blend of potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens, including Heliogenol and Vitamins C and E, defend hair against free radical damage to help optimize colour retention and protect from harsh environmental factors.
  • ZeroSulfate Shampoos
    Pureology professional shampoos are free of harsh colour-stripping sulfates and salts. Our shampoos are gentle and luxurious, with no added salt, and we use an exclusive blend of naturally-derived cleansers from coconut, corn, and sugar that are mild, yet deliver a rich lather and ensure lustrous, radiant colour.
  • 100% Vegan
    Our products contain no animal products or animal by-products.
  • Sustainability Commitment
    Pureology values sustainability efforts, and we make the commitment to always do our best to respect the environment and reduce our impact whenever possible.

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Dear Barber

Dear Barber

Originating in the UK, the founders consulted with barbers and salons to create a male grooming range to meet the needs of professional hair stylists. Dear Barber sculpts statement hairstyles with products to suit all hair types, and is guaranteed to look great on the shelf.

Dear Barber is a sophisticated alternative to the ubiquitous glossy salon brand with an aim to regenerate traditional male grooming with a modern twist. This stylish brand offers the time-honoured, classic barber experience to appeal to the 21st century gentleman.


The current range gives hair a new lease of life, with a strong hair hold, yet also flexibility.
A great range of hair styling essentials including:

Dear Barber Mattifier: Creates separation with a matte finish. A strong, yet flexible hold gives immediate grab, whilst thickening hairs’ appearance.

Dear Barber Pomade: Perfect for a medium smooth hold with a high shine and flexibility. Controls even curly or frizzy hair.

Dear Barber Fibre: Provides a strong, long-lasting hold. The mega-elastic fibre technology shapes and sculpts hair to support even extreme styles.

Dear Barber Shaping Cream: Gives flexible hold to both textured and smooth styles, for a soft, ‘product-free’ feel. Suitable for coarse and heavy hair.


Sitting alongside the styling range, the brand’s recently added shampoo and conditioner as well as facial hair range including Shave Oil, Moustache Wax and Beard Oil, all of which are now also available with eye-catching display cases to showcase this modern take on male styling.

To further cement the Dear Barbers rise to fame in such a short period of time, was the recent news of them winning the Barber Connect Stand of the Year at the recent Barber Connect Expo in the UK, not to mention taking out first place in the BEST STYLING RANGE OF THE YEAR!

Dear Barber’s stylish design embraces its complete philosophy as a brand with traditional values.




About R+Co


R+Co is a collective of some of the most forward-thinking, rule-bending hairstylists in the business. We are a think tank of top editorial and salon stylists and educators—with a combined century of hairdressing knowledge and experience—and we make sure that we have more than one viewpoint on everything we do.

Stylists are the real heroes of this brand. In an industry not always known for collaboration, R+Co is all about creating a dialogue between the broader stylist community to celebrate the culture of hairdressing. We advocate for stylists—and their clients—to find the point of view and style that best matches their own. All of our products are treatment-oriented, with the health of the hair and scalp always top-of-mind. We use unique ingredients and complexes to make sure that each product delivers true benefits.

And everything is formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.

R+Co is about an experience. The packaging and fragrances were designed to enhance that experience and evoke a feeling, place, style or attitude. You’ll know just by looking at a bottle or tube what a product is meant to do, and the subtle yet sophisticated fragrances—meant for both men and women—are as individual as the members of our collective. We work to reduce the amount of physical material used in our packaging by eliminating unnecessary components. A large majority of the retail packaging can be recycled; check with your local recycling center.

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Muk Haircare

Muk Haircare

About Us

Muk is the destination product for those who refuse to conform, embrace diversity and insist on making a strong personal statement. Muk is an underground brand that has built its reputation on hard core performance alone. The 1,000's of salons worldwide that stock muk have labelled it the hairdressing industry's next iconic brand.

Founded in Melbourne Australia in 2006, muk embarked on a journey to develop a brand that went against the trend of all other hair care companies. Their vision was to create a product range that not only out performed the market leaders, but grabbed the imagination and attention of a market place constantly being bombarded with "scientific" jargon and magical claims. muk is not just about great hair products; it's a culture, a lifestyle, an attitude.

Muk launched its first product "hard muk" in late 2006. With just 1 product, muk became an overnight success, outselling many of the industry leading brands within weeks. muk's customer service department was inundated with calls from salons literally asking "what is muk?" Consumers were demanding their salon stock muk! Why? Because Muk is not just about a great product; it had hit a chord with consumers ready to break out of the boring world of "me too" products and marketing. Muk is unique, naughty, provocative, sexy and above all, different. 

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards are Australian Hairdressing's Oscars, with over 150 new products entered every year. In recognition of its amazing performance, "Hard Muk" was nominated as a finalist in the 2008 AHFA Best New Product Category, and more recently. "Deep Muk leave-in conditioner" has been nominated finalist for 2009 AHFA Best New Product

Muk has proven that an amazing product, matched with ultra cool packaging and controversial marketing is what the market is searching for. The Muk brand culture was born.

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Global Keratin

Global Keratin


The GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin formulas are professional in-salon treatments that penetrate the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduce frizz for 3-5 months. Once at home, maintain the treatment results with the continued use of our Juvexin-based after-care products


GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair.

Juvexin has been developed specifically to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is used in all GKhair products worldwide.Juvexin then penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits. 

This improves the softness and reduces friction enabling hair to better withstand heat, helps make hair less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of hair, giving hair overall better manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving manageability.

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