The older you get, The better you are.

Another year gone and enough to our dinosaur and turtle jokes. 🦖🐢😂 Today marks a special day as we say Happy Birthday to this gentlemen, Steve La Bella!! And so the saying goes... "the older you get, the better you are". We all wish you an incredible day! ❤😍

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Our dedication to The Australian Angels for The Homeless

The holiday season is all about indulging and celebrating with friends and family, however it can also be a difficult time for our struggling community. 🎄✨ What we do is entirely up to the individual and for the past five consecutive years, Selina Chhaur has been selflessly volunteering alongside the Australia Angels for the Homeless on Christmas Day by providing free haircuts! Well done!! 😍❤️

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Incredible Illustrations by Eddie White

No words! ❤☺🙏 We are still in awe over this drawn portrait. It was given as a Christmas present from our lovely staff, Vee...! So thoughtful 🤣😍

Artwork by Eddie White // Instagram: @eddiewhitejr



Birthday Boy! Who? Caleb Clark!

Our beautiful Caleb Clark turns 19 today and we wish him an amazing and fabulous birthday! We appreciate your existence and you never fail to brighten everyone’s day. Keep rockin’ that Mamma Mia in the car and being 110% yourself 💕💕💕


Is Steve spirit animal a TURTLE?

The inspiration behind this one-of-a-kind shirt designed by Ingrid has a symbolic and darker meaning. Steve obvious for various reason but the turtle? Look closely to at the upper lip, or lack of and you will see an uncanny resemblance! 😂❤🙏🤗😍


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Set Sail to Greater Heights!

We're on a boat! 🛥 Cruising down Glenelg as our crew rocks it out, some literally rocking bit too much and getting sea sick 🌊🌊😂 Our Christmas function was definitely one to remember! Thank you to Mamma Carmela and Temptation Sailing for the food, drinks and hospitality! ❤🙏

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16th Year of Business

Celebrations as this week marks our Blow Its a Hair Thing 16th year anniversary. Lets take a trip down memory lane!

Our salon started operation on the 17th of November, 2003 hidden away in the backstreets of Charles Street by Co-Founder, Steve La Bella. The salon relocated to Rundle Place in April of 2013. In September that year, Dion La Bella and Hung Tran came into the jam and a partnership was established! In 2015, Blow Its a Hair Thing opened their second salon, FIRLE.

Each year, the brand continues to grows, strength by strength and we have none other than our incredible team to thank for as they are the backbone to the business and the loyal clients for believing and trusting in our ability to service their needs. ❤😍🤗🙏

Shes Back!! Dominique Returns!! BOOK NOW!

We have anticipated for this and the day has finally arrived! ❤😍 Words cannot describe how excited we are as our stylist, Dominique returns to #FIRLE from maternity leave! How gorgeous does she look?

Back at it, she will be working at FIRLE

Tuesday: 9.30am-5.30pm
Thursday: 4.30pm-9.00pm

Make sure you book now as Christmas is only around the corner. 😇✂️

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Our superstar, Sebastian Artist Dion La Bella rocks the stage!

A massive congratulations to our creative director, Dion La Bella for a stellar performance for Artist @ Play! ❤😍 The looks were a representation of the different styles and techniques created part of the recent Sebastian collections! 😎✌✂️ Well done!

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Ginger Celebrations!

Our team would like to wish a happy birthday to our special hardworking ginger, Chantel! Hope you have an amazing day with friends and family. ❤😍

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Battling the cold to provide free haircuts at Homelessness EXPO, Whitmore Square!

Earlier today, Hung and Selina battled through the wet weather and cold chills as they worked their magic providing community haircuts for the Homelessness EXPO sponsored by Shelter SA.

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Our salon teams up with Homelessness EXPO for 5 years running!

Since 2013, our salon has participated in the annual Shelter SA Homelessness EXPO. The salon believes in goodwill and donating our time to help others has always been an integral part of our culture.

Our stylist, Hung and Selina will be located at Whitmore Square from 10am-2pm cutting hair on Wednesday, 17th of October. If you know someone who is having a tough time, spread the word as there will be live music, free food and most importantly, support. ❤️🙏

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Hair Director for Fashion First - Sleek Hair with a touch of couture!

Our team Hung Tran and Chantel Berg working their magic for the final edition of Fashion First event at The Hotel Richmond for the year. Beautiful!!

Hair: Blow! It's A Hair thing
Makeup: INGLOT
Models: Kalou Models
Host/MC: AAA Talent Agency
Photographer: Vueey Le - Freelance Photographer

Dion La Bella Hair Direction for Hotel Richmond!

Our director, Dion La Bella creating the latest looks for Hotel Richmond Fashion First Runway Show! Here are a few snaps from the night! 😍😍

Agency: Kalou Models
Hair: Blow! It's A Hair thing
Makeup: Inglot Australia
Photographer: Vueey Le - Freelance Photographer

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