Introducing our latest collection from Vee Nguyen! We absolutely love these images! ❤️️😍 Let's hear the story behind her latest creation!

"🚁🚁 Cyber Punk, was strategically photographed at South Australian Aviation Museum, in the Westland Wessex HAS31B Helicopter N7-224. Utilizing the helicopter’s busy interior of exposed electronic wires and piping, it provides a sci-fi, extra-terrestrial feel. What I love most about styling hair is the endless possibilities of being able to mould, create and substitute. Cyber Punk, is my idea of stepping out of my comfort zone –moulding hair into various shapes, creating different textures and substituting hair accessories with man-made materials such as gold metal rings, hardware zip-ties and wooden tooth-picks. The use of man-made objects stems from the idea of what the future would hold – practicality and lacking in traditional methods of beauty and make-up due to the absence of resources... ❤️️❤️️"

Hair/Concept: Vee Nguyen
Salon: Blow! It's A Hair thing
Makeup: Carmela Makeup
Models: Britny Worthington / Isabella Canale / Alana Priest / Katie Mortimer / Lois Byrne / Zoe Heidenreich
Photography: Jackie Tran

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