Our city salon is OFFICIALLY part of Sustainable Salons Australia! Ask us today about our $2 'Green Fee' and how YOU are contributing to a sustainable future!

Check out below:

♻ All pony tails will be donated to Variety - the Children’s Charity of Australia create wigs for kids who suffer with Alopecia. One wig requires 20 pony tails.

♻ All hair will be recycled. They are filled into Stockings (Hair Booms) that will absorb oil spills in our ocean, donated to the community for composting and used by colleges and artists to create sustainable art illustrations.

♻ All chemical waste are sent to a chemical recycling plant to be neutralised and turned into recycled water. Used for roadwork and construction

♻ All materials such as aluminum foils, color tubes, cardboard, paper magazines, razor blades and even broken tools are SOLD for recycling. The profits are donated to OzHarvestSA and every dollar provides 2 meals to the community.

♻ All plastics are recycled, turned into hard plastic and made into outdoor furniture and underground sheeting to protect the NBN! How cool is that?

For more details visit http://www.sustainablesalons.com.au/