Introducing our latest Woodland Deity Collection. It is our very first entry into the Australian Hair Fashion Awards Artistic Team and we are ridiculously proud of the team! ❤️️ The styles are a representation of individuality, strengths and creative flair! It is not just a collection to us but a way to encourage team communication, creative spurs and to work together to create beautiful imagery! Well done guys! 😍

The concept for this collection was to focus on raw, natural texture, beauty, and threading the fine line of unkempt. We depicted a series of stunning woodland creatures, each with their own style, whose exterior beauty rivaled no other. However, growing up in the woodlands has its issues; without access to power and being isolated from today's world, these beautiful creatures tend to their appearances without the poison of societies norms, and the advantages of heat styling. In this collection, you will find our team’s artistic vision of what beauty would look like without the restriction of trend, the limitations of smooth, and the use of power. Enjoy as each image encapsulates how the woodland deity’s personality affects their portrayal of outward beauty.

Team Leaders: Dion La Bella & Hung Tran
Hair: Ingrid Wolff / Selina Chhaur / Mario Fioravanti / Alison Jennifer Edge / Emma Sofia / Vee Nguyen
Makeup: Kristina Sarah
Stylist: Connie Manos
Photographer: Weronika Mamot photography

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