💇💇 CONGRATULATIONS to Hung and Vee for placing in The Hair and Beauty SA Live Competitions! 💇💇

WINNER/1st Place for Senior Ladies Cut and Color - Hung
2nd Place for Trainee Evening Gala - Vee
3rd Place for Senior Evening Gala - Hung

We cannot be more prouder of our team, especially our junior stylists, Ingrid and Mario for their participation!  They have created incredible looks! Special thanks to our talented photographer Vueey Le / Vueey Le! Check out the Photos!

Hair: Hung Tran / Ingrid Wolff / Vee Nguyen / Mario Fioravanti
MUA: Emma Niven-Aitken
Stylists: Chloe Kettle / Simmone Standing
Models: Zoe Antoinette / Claudia Keogh / Moon Qing Ruan / Vanessa Geldart / *more to add*

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