Ingrid Wolff

Senior Stylist - Editorial and Fashion Guru


"2018 WINNER of AHIA - Apprentice of The Year,

2018 National Finalist Hair Expo - Apprentice of The Year"


In August 2014 I made a life changing decision to pursue an apprenticeship in hairdressing. This decision, not known at the time, lead to some of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. Before beginning this career, I had a disillusioned idea of what the hair industry was about. I used to imagine a low paying job with little progression, which was so wrong! I’ve found so much more than I anticipated, this industry is such a creative collective that truly supports every member to achieve their highest potential. It’s this supportive networking and creative drive which continues to draw me further into the industry and has helped my decision on continuing this amazing adventure to becoming a qualified hairstylist.

I’ve been fortunate to have an incredible team at Blow It’s a Hair Thing who have supported my growth and helped me to achieve my professional goals. I couldn’t ask to work with a better group of people, who ceaselessly provide extensive training and career opportunities. It’s these developmental opportunities that I value the most as they provide the backbone for my personal growth. Be this through as simply learning a new technique used in the salon or as complex as devising a cohesive theme for a runway, all opportunities are equally paramount to constant growth as a stylist. I have aspirations to build on my current portfolio and over the next year plan to expand my knowledge base on present and future trends and techniques. I will be qualified as of mid-February and hope to maintain constant personal growth through pushing my boundaries of understanding by attending more educational courses.

Over my apprenticeship I've taken part in a variety of opportunities; attending events, seminars, workshops, directing and participating in runway shows, photo shoots, presenting education, making a video tutorial, as well as volunteering with local communities for charity events. For me, hairdressing has never felt like a job, it’s a lifestyle, all of these experiences are contributing to the kind of hairdresser I want to become. I believe a haircut is not just about the act of cutting hair; it’s about everything that comes in between. It’s about bringing change into someone’s life and making them feel the best they possibly can. This is what drives me every day to continue to improve.

Some of my biggest achievements to date have been being awarded as a National Finalist for AHFA and AHIA for Apprentice of the Year in 2017, National Finalist for Apprentice of the Year for Hair Expo 2018 and Winner for Apprentice of the Year AHIA. This has been one of the biggest turning points for me, and I hope to continue to achieve and develop into a successful salon stylist and eventually into a creative artist, where I am able to give back to the industry and future generations of hairdressers.



WINNER of AHIA Apprentice/Junior of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Best Salon Team of The Year




NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Apprentice/Junior of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for AHFA Apprentice of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Salon Team of The Year

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