Ingrid Wolff

Senior Apprentice

"2017 NATIONAL FINALIST for AHFA Apprentice of The Year"


I have always been a hands on creative, getting my hands and soul messy with art from a very young age, so it came as no surprise to anyone when I started my apprenticeship at the creative hub of Blow It’s A Hair Thing, Adelaide, South Australia, in August of 2014. I always ask myself why I didn’t start my hairdressing journey earlier, as it is such a perfect fit for me, being the self-motivated, people person that I am. 

Under the mentorship of the salons’ owners Steve La Bella, Dion La Bella and Hung Tran I have flourished through the extensive training and opportunities that Blow It’s Hair Thing has supplied. I completed my Certificate III in Hairdressing at Parlour Hair Academy in October 2016 and as a result I have developed a comprehensive understanding of basic hair techniques.  Beyond this training I now endeavour to enhance and expand my understanding of these techniques and to push boundaries of hair structure and creativity.   

Over the course of my apprenticeship I have taken part in a variety of opportunities; from attending events, look and learns, seminars, workshops, participating in runway shows and photo shoots, to presenting at an education night, a video look and learn, and volunteering amongst local communities for charity events. For me, hairdressing has never felt like a job, it’s a way of living, and all of these experiences are contributing to the kind of hairdresser I want to become. I love that hairdressing offers me constant development, through the countless number of ways there are to approach it. 

I believe that a haircut is not just about the act of cutting hair; it’s about everything that comes in between. It's about bringing change into someone’s life and making them feel the best they possibly can. This is what drives me every day to continue to succeed and move forward.   
I had my first taste of success by winning a weekly international competition for Bangstyle, with one of my images originally submitted for Schwarzkopf Salon Team of The Year 2016. This was a huge turning point for me, and I hope to continue to achieve, and develop into not only a successful salon stylist but into an artist, where I am able to give back to the industry and future generations of hairdressers.



NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Apprentice/Junior of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for AHFA Apprentice of The Year

NATIONAL FINALIST for AHIA Salon Team of The Year

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